Always felt like a star? Ready to look like one?

Hair Extensions to look like a rockstarNow you can look and feel red carpet ready everyday with fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions. From movie stars to reality stars, almost every celebrity you see has fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions, as they are the most natural looking and the most versatile extensions on the market today. Here are just a few examples of the celebrities we all love with fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions:

Ashley Tisdale~ The former Disney actress and singer wears fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions to fill out her already gorgeous locks! She usually opts for a subtle high-light/low-light look using level #9 and #84 in 16″.

Christina Applegate~ The TV and film actress also uses fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions to add volume. A classic level #9 in 12″ is a go-to for this star!

Hillary Duff~ This movie star likes to have fun with her extensions! Normally she choses a natural high-light/low-light, levels #9 and #11, but recently she has taken the plunge with some “crazy colors”! Ranging from teal (#107), blue (#112) and gray (#108). Fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions are an easy, damage free way to have a lot of fun with your color!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler~ “The Soprano’s” actress likes to wear fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions to add a little length and volume as well as a subtle Ombre. She tends to lean towards levels #3 and #5 in 12″ and 16″.

Jennifer Aniston~ The “Friends” star adds some volume to her iconic locks with levels #84 and #4 in 12″.

Jennifer Morrison~ The “Once Upon A Time” star loves the volume that the fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions gives to her long tresses. Levels #9 and #11 in 18″ give her the perfect look.

Jessica Simpson~ The chart topping singer and fashion designer keeps her long blonde locks looking amazing and full with the help of fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions! Jessica’s go-to colors to keep her blonde bright are a combination of level #11 and #9 to add dimension, and her standard length is 18″.

Julianne Hough~ The dancer and singer changes her hair quite a bit, in terms of her length. Thanks to her fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions the transition is seamless! Julianne uses either 8″ or 12″ in level #11.

Selena Gomez~ The actress and singer loves her long locks and she uses fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions to keep her hair glamorous. When she lightens up her hair for summer she chooses 16″ ombre level #3-#5.

Vanessa Hudgens~ The “High School Musical” star loves to switch up her hair to keep her fans on their toes! She recently debuted a long, bohemian look using fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions. Soft beach waves and lots of texture! A level #1B in 20″ is how Vanessa was able to achieve this look!

By getting a fusion strand-by-strand hair extension application you won’t need the hair and make-up team to make you look the part! Fusion strand-by-strand hair extensions will give you the look and the confidence you’ve always wanted, and here at Hair Fusion Bar our motto says it all: Transform Your Hair and Yourself!

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