Specially Designed for Hair Extensions

Great Lengths hair extensions require a soft bristle brush that will not get caught in the synthesized protein bond. Great Lengths brushes can get close to the scalp which avoids matting around the bonds.

Great Lengths accessories are specifically designed to work perfectly with your Great Lengths extensions. Make sure you use only certified Great Lengths Accessories to ensure the best possible results.

Great Lengths Soft Bristle Brushes For Hair ExtensionsGreat Lengths - The Science of Hair Extensions


Acca Kappa

Designed for your Great Lengths

Serum Hair Fluid with ARGAN-OIL creates a velvety soft shimmer on all hair types without leaving hair greasy. TIGER NUT OIL adds additional light reflection and protection from free radicals. Use Serum Hair Fluid for hair that is soft and flexible, with increased volume. 50ml


Designed specifically for Great Lengths, this high performance brush collection is produced by famed brush manufacturer Acca Kappa located in Treviso, Italy, the official brush maker for Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family.
Large Paddle Brush

24.5cm long, bristles 3cm. This large sized brush is suitable for brushing longer length hair.
Medium Oval Brush

22.5cm long, bristles 1.5cm. This medium sized brush is suitable for styling and blow-drying.
Small Travel Brush with Plastic Pouch

13.5 cm long, bristles 1.5cm. Ideal handbag size and comes in a useful plastic pouch.



Ionic Conditioning Brush

Great Lengths is proud to bring you the latest in brush technology.  The GreatWave™ brush is the worlds only brush that utilizes unique, wave shaped nylon bristles charged with Ionic Minerals. It’s unique barrel shape creates more of an open-ended wave, or can be used to smooth the hair straight and give lift and a beveled edge without curl.



Ideal for extension wearers, the bristles are designed to grip and create a silky effect while easily passing over hair extension attachment sites.


  • Faster Drying time
  • Deeper moisture penetration
  • Silky, shiny, conditioned hair