Shampoo and Style Your Extensions At Home

Shampoo Extenstions

Thoroughly brush your hair from roots to ends with the recommended Natural Boar Bristle Brush or Great Lengths Brush depending on natural hair density, prior to getting hair wet.

Using the pads of your fingers gently cleanse the scalp and hair with the recommended shampoo. Make sure to go in-between the extensions to remove any buildup.

Rinse thoroughly, repeat if necessary.

To condition your hair gather the extensions into a low ponytail and distribute the conditioner from mid strands to ends. DO NOT apply conditioner to your scalp or bonds.

Rinse thoroughly.

Gently towel dry your hair.

Using your Natural Boar Bristle Brush or Great Lengths Brush depending on natural hair density; brush your hair from ends to roots.
Make sure to brush directly on/over your bonds.

Apply your desired styling products below the bonds.

Begin to tussle dry your hair with your fingers and blow-dry, blowout your bangs and crown area first. (Allow your hair / extensions to air-dry to avoid pulling and tugging on extensions while wet.

Once your hair is 90% dry begin from the ends and work your way up to the bonds/scalp using nylon bristle round brush. By starting at your ends, rather than your roots, your extensions will dry faster and be more smooth.

Continue until all hair and bonds are 100% dry.

Style with either a curling iron or flat iron, depending on desired look, set at a temperature no higher than 350 degrees. Be sure to avoid the bonds with the hot tools.

Finish the style with your favorite hairspray and Voila!

· Great Lengths Brush
· 100% Boar Bristle Brush
· Recommended Hair Fusion Bar Products
· HFB or Great Lengths Shampoo & Conditioner
· Anti-Tap
· Detangling Spray For 16” Hair Or Longer
· Heat Protectant
· Root Lifter For Natural Hair
· Masque For Deep Conditioning Ends of Hair / Extensions
· Satin Pillow Case
· Water Absorbing Towel
· Leave In Spray Condition For Ends of Extensions
· Hair Gloss For Ends of Extensions

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