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All woman know what it’s like to suffer from fine, thin or just bad hair days. We all have changed our haircuts, color, styles, etc., and even with those changes we are still not satisfied. Finally there is a quick solution! HAIR EXTENSIONS! YES! Hair Extensions a quick way to add that volume you have always wanted and needed, the length that takes years to grow. In just a few hours you can have the hair you have always dreamed of!

Whether you’re dealing with a bad haircut, damaged hair or maybe just your hair has changed over the years and you want to feel like your self again, hair extensions are the way to go, with Hair Fusion Bar located in Downtown Chicago.

Hair Fusion Bar is a Great Lengths Platinum Certified Hair Extension Salon that specializes in Thermal & Cold Fusion Nano Bond services. Cold Fusion is the healthiest and safest application for fine, thin, over processed hair. Cold Fusion Nano bonds are applied using a state of the art Great Lengths Ultrasonic 5000 wand using ultrasonic waves (no heat) bonds are flat, smooth and comfortable.

The hair extension artists at Hair Fusion Bar use the Cold Fusion application as well as Ursula, the founder of Hair Fusion Bar. Ursula is an expert in her field, with over 15 years of experience, not only has been featured in Vogue magazine, but is also ranked #5 hair extension artist in the whole country.

If you ever wondered what it’s like to have great hair, then you have to visit and see 100’s of before and after photos of real people and real results! Hair Fusion Bar also provides same day hair extension services. Hair Fusion Bar does carry hair in stock for those who are traveling from a distance or for a woman on the go that simply doesn’t have time but still needs to look great. There’s no waiting for your hair to come in or special orders, walk-in today and looking basic and walk out Glamorous!

Start the New Year with the new you!

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