How to maintain healthy hair while wearing hair extensions? Why HFB?


-Keratin Bond
-Proper Application
-Correct Brush
-Proper Removal
-Delicate Blowout

Importance of Synthesized Keratin Bond vs. Glue – Adhesives – Polymers

GL Synthesized Keratin Bond
The method of bonding patented by Great Lengths is of the highest technology. The keratin is a polymer compound whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair and respects its same properties and alterations. When wet, hair expands and when dry it contracts back to its natural state. Our keratin bond moves and behaves like your own hair, ensuring a gentle yet strong hold without damage. This allows your natural hair to breath and stay healthy.

Other Polymers
Unlike our keratin bonds, other polymers do not behave like human hair. This means that the environmental elements will soon deteriorate the bond, the bonds my start to turn color, stick to the hair and cause a very difficult removal of the extensions.

Experienced Hair Extension Artist vs. Regular Stylist

Hair Fusion Bar – Hair Extension Artists
The skill level of the stylists is crucial for a damage free application and this is why Great Lengths Certified Stylists are the most sought after by extension clients worldwide. Great Lengths has the most rigid requirements for certification in the industry. Our mandatory certification course is on average 3 times longer than any other extension brand in the professional market as well as 4 months of full time training by Ursula (ranked #5 hair extension artist in the nation). Our hair extension artists perform 8 to 15 hair extensions per week. HFB’s Hair Extension Artists are the most highly trained in the industry. There is no close second. This is one of the reasons that Great Lengths, year after year, receives such honors as “Stylists Choice Award” and “Professionals Choice Award” from the beauty industry’s leading trade media, such as American Salon Magazine and

Salon Stylists – Standard Brands
In other cases, there are companies whose training consists of nothing more than a 20 minute how-to video or online “certification”, where the trainee has no hands-on learning experience or the eyes of a seasoned hair extension educator to evaluate their work and correct where necessary. These stylists perform one extension per month or less in which makes the service questionable.


Proper Application
As each client’s hair is different, it is the hair extension artists’ duty to make sure that each service, and application has the correct bond size and it’s customizes to the clients natural hair density. The key to a successful, damage free application lies in the skill and knowledge of our hair extension artist and their detailed application. There is no “cookie cutter”, “one size fits all” application technique, as each client has different hair conditions and desired that must be considered.


Mandatory 2-Month Follow-Up
Complimentary 2-month follow up is a must. During the follow up we will check your bonds, make sure that there are no tangles, demonstrate how to prevent tangles, remove or replace any strands that might be loose.


Proper Hair Extension Removal
The removal of hair extensions is as important as the application. A proper removal is pain free and hair is carefully de-tangled, there are no combs used during a hair extension removal at HFB. Each removal is scheduled based on the client natural hair density.


Correct Brush & Anti-Tap
Brush hair extension bonds three times a day with the recommended Boar Bristle Brush. Use Great Lengths brush for the ends of your extensions. Always hold your extensions while brushing avoid any rough tugging or pulling. DO NOT pick at your bonds.

To prevent premature bond breakdown always saturate your hair with water and apply Great Lengths Anti-tap Formula prior to swimming, exercising, using a sauna or any activity that creates moisture in your hair for an extended period of time. Immediately after such activities, shampoo thoroughly, condition, apply the Anti-tap Formula and blow-dry the attachment sites (bonds).


Correct Blowout w/h Extensions
Please book a blowout with one of our HFB’s experienced hair extension artists. Blowout includes a complimentary follow up (separation of bonds).

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